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2021-02-07Various small fixesHybridDog
2021-02-05Remove unused loop variables, trailing whitespace and fix mixed-whitespace in...HybridDog
2020-10-17Make pipeworks.table_extend easier to readHybridDog
2018-07-13Add pipeworks.create_fake_playerSmallJoker
2017-04-11remove some debug printsVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-04-11cache on/off button image refs and commonly-used label for sameVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-04-04Namespace pollution cleanup (Used list at #154)ForbiddenJ
2015-01-29chmod -x *.luaTim
2015-01-27Add intermediate button state for sorttube enablerest31
2015-01-26Color up the enable/disable buttons for sorttubeest31
2014-08-23quick hack to prevent crash in load_position() call if given a set ofVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-08-17Escape text for cycling form buttonZefram
2014-08-14Major rewrite of items in tubesNovatux