AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-27Assorted changes to tube breaking/repair behaviorHEADmastercheapie
2021-03-24Get rid of most 5.4.0 texture warningsSmallJoker
2021-02-25Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2021-02-25Add luacheck config and ci jobBuckaroo Banzai
2021-02-07Merge branch 'm_small_fixes' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2021-02-07Various small fixesHybridDog
2021-02-05Merge branch 'm_unused_loop_vars' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2021-02-05Remove unused loop variables, trailing whitespace and fix mixed-whitespace in...HybridDog
2021-02-03Merge branch 'm_unused_code_removal' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2021-02-03Remove or comment unused code and declare some variables localHybridDog
2020-12-18Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-12-18Prevent the symptoms of Issue #33Skgland
2020-10-28use the right gear item in node breakerVanessaE
2020-10-17Merge branch 'm_disable_print_message' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-10-17Merge branch 'm_table_extends_clean' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-10-17Make pipeworks.table_extend easier to readHybridDog
2020-10-17Log the "Pipeworks loaded!" message to infostream instead of printing itHybridDog
2020-09-24Merge branch 'protected-access-to-wielders' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-09-24Allow players with the protection_bypass privilege or access toauouymous
2020-09-11Merge branch 'avoid-protection-check-on-chest-close' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-09-10Avoid protection check on chest close.auouymous
2020-09-05Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-09-05Update pipeworks.zh_CN.trwzy2006
2020-08-10Merge branch 'tptube-api' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-08-09Expose teleport tube database APISX
2020-07-30Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-07-23Add "get_recipe" digiline command for querying the current autocrafter recipe.Fedja Beader
2020-07-19Merge branch 'undefined' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-07-19Add Chinese Translationwzy2006
2020-06-30Merge branch 'fix_connect_sides' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-06-30Consider connect_sides for item transportAlexander Ried
2020-06-30Merge branch 'rebased_luacontroller' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-06-30Fix typo in luatube update_real_port_states helpertuedel
2020-06-30Rebase lua_tube onto upstream luacontrollergroxxda
2020-06-03add minimum minetest version key for contentdbVanessaE
2020-05-26Merge branch 'nodebreaker_fix' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-05-26Prevent node breaker from digging all nodesupsilon
2020-05-07Fix wrong inventory_image and wield_image typesSmallJoker
2020-04-28Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-04-28Change digilines detector tube to send an item table instead of an item stringRoger
2020-02-20Merge branch 'fix-21' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-02-20Translation string errorsLouis Royer
2020-02-18Merge branch 'mt5-locale' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-02-18Add translation supportLouis Royer
2020-01-14Merge branch 'master' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-01-14fix injector compatibility with technic hv machinesOgelGames
2020-01-10Merge branch 'filter-injector-refactor' into 'master'Vanessa Dannenberg
2020-01-10filter-injector.lua: Rename exact_match -> exmatch_modeelectrodude
2019-09-23add signs_lib placement rulesVanessa Dannenberg
2019-09-23use default metal sounds on all pipes and pipe devicesVanessa Dannenberg