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+# textdomain: pipeworks
+# License: CC-by-SA 4.0
+# Author: wzy2006 <>
+## digilines interfacing
+## init
+Allow splitting incoming stacks from tubes=允许从管道中拆分传入堆栈
+## autocrafter
+Unknown item=通道
+unconfigured Autocrafter: unknown recipe=未配置的自动工作台: 未知配方
+unconfigured Autocrafter=未配置的自动工作台
+'@1' Autocrafter (@2)=自动建造者 '@1' (@2)
+paused '@1' Autocrafter=暂停的自动建造者
+## compat-furnaces
+Allow splitting incoming material (not fuel) stacks from tubes=允许从管子中分离进来的材料(不是燃料)堆
+## decorative tubes
+Airtight steelblock embedded tube=密封管集成到一块钢中
+Airtight panel embedded tube=密封面板嵌入式管
+## devices
+Pump/Intake Module=泵/进气模块
+Decorative grating=Decorative grating
+Spigot outlet=出气口
+Airtight Pipe entry/exit=密闭管进/出
+Flow Sensor=流量传感器
+Flow sensor (on)=流量传感器(上)
+@1% full=满的@1 %
+Expansion Tank (@1)=扩展水箱 (@1)
+Fluid Storage Tank (@1)=储液罐 (@1)
+Straight-only Pipe=直管
+## filter-injector
+(slot #@1 next)=(下一个插槽 : #@1)
+@1 Filter-Injector=@1取物器
+Sequence slots by Priority=优先顺序排列
+Sequence slots Randomly=随机排列时隙
+Sequence slots by Rotation=旋转顺序槽
+Exact match - off=完全匹配-关闭
+Exact match - on=完全匹配-开启
+Prefer item types:=偏好物品类型 :
+## legacy
+## pipes
+Pipe Segment=管道
+Pipe Segment (legacy)=管道(旧版)
+## routing tubes
+Pneumatic tube segment=空气管道
+Broken Tube=断管
+High Priority Tube Segment=高优先级管段
+Accelerating Pneumatic Tube Segment=加速气动管道
+Crossing Pneumatic Tube Segment=交叉气动管道
+One way tube=单向管
+## signal tubes
+Detecting Pneumatic Tube Segment on=带有传感器的气动软管段(运行中)
+Detecting Pneumatic Tube Segment=检测气动管道
+Digiline Detecting Pneumatic Tube Segment=Digiline检测气动管道
+Digiline Detecting Tube=Digiline检测管
+Conducting Pneumatic Tube Segment=传导空气管道
+Conducting Pneumatic Tube Segment on=导通气动管道
+Digiline Conducting Pneumatic Tube Segment=Digiline传导式气动管道
+Mesecon and Digiline Conducting Pneumatic Tube Segment=Mesecon和Digiline传导气动管道
+Mesecon and Digiline Conducting Pneumatic Tube Segment on=Mesecon和Digiline传导气动管道(运行中)
+## sorting tubes
+Sorting Pneumatic Tube Segment=排序气动管道
+Sorting pneumatic tube=分选气动管
+## teleport tube
+channels are public by default=频道默认为公开
+use <player>:<channel> for fully private channels=49/5000将<player>:<channel>用于完全私人的频道
+use <player>;<channel> for private receivers=使用<player>;<channel>进行私人接待
+Teleporting Pneumatic Tube Segment=传送气动管道
+unconfigured Teleportation Tube=未配置的传送管
+Sorry, channel '@1' is reserved for exclusive use by @2=抱歉,频道‘@1’保留供‘@2’专用
+Sorry, receiving from channel '@1' is reserved for @2=抱歉,从频道'@1'接收的内容已保留给'@2'
+Teleportation Tube @1 on '@2'=传送管'@1'在'@2'上
+## trashcan
+Trash Can=垃圾箱
+## tube registration
+Pneumatic tube segment (legacy)=空气管道(旧式)
+## vacuum tubes
+Vacuuming Pneumatic Tube Segment=吸尘气动管道
+Adjustable Vacuuming Pneumatic Tube Segment=可调式真空气动管道
+Adjustable Vacuuming Pneumatic Tube Segment (@1m)=可调式吸尘气动管道(@1m)
+## wielder
+Node Breaker=节点断路器