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authorHybridDog <>2021-02-07 11:20:11 +0100
committerHybridDog <>2021-02-07 11:58:18 +0100
commita2c0dd11307120470a7c4ca4915f7741729e8e01 (patch)
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parentf0ef43823cb198a3f426d7d1db88d42f5079fbbd (diff)
Various small fixes
* Save the fakeplayer's wielded item in set_wielded_item * pipeworks.luaentity: Return the found objects in get_objects_inside_radius * Remove the invalid and unused on_blast return values in lua_tube.lua This should avoid a crash when a strong explosion happens next to a Lua Tube. * Do not access a global "nodename" in a BUG message. This avoids a potential crash, in case the message actually appears in practice. * Set the Flow Sensor and Fountain Head mesecons connection rules * pipeworks.luaentity: Use the same function for move_to and set_pos * (no functional change) Do not save the object returned by tube_inject_item into the "item1" local variable in filter-injector.lua
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/common.lua b/common.lua
index 120a32f..207b728 100644
--- a/common.lua
+++ b/common.lua
@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ function pipeworks.create_fake_player(def, is_dynamic)
return self._inventory:set_stack(def.wield_list,
self._wield_index, item)
- _wielded_item = ItemStack(item)
+ self._wielded_item = ItemStack(item)
get_wielded_item = function(self, item)
if self._inventory and def.wield_list then
@@ -242,17 +242,18 @@ function pipeworks.create_fake_player(def, is_dynamic)
set_bone_position = delay(),
hud_change = delay(),
- local _trash
-- Getter & setter functions
p.get_inventory_formspec, p.set_inventory_formspec
= get_set_wrap("formspec", is_dynamic)
p.get_breath, p.set_breath = get_set_wrap("breath", is_dynamic)
p.get_hp, p.set_hp = get_set_wrap("hp", is_dynamic)
p.get_pos, p.set_pos = get_set_wrap("pos", is_dynamic)
- _trash, p.move_to = get_set_wrap("pos", is_dynamic)
p.get_wield_index, p.set_wield_index = get_set_wrap("wield_index", true)
p.get_properties, p.set_properties = get_set_wrap("properties", false)
+ -- For players, move_to and get_pos do the same
+ p.move_to = p.get_pos
-- Backwards compatibilty
p.getpos = p.get_pos
p.setpos = p.set_pos