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TrafficNeXt 2 has been released. This is a complete rewrite, bringing many new features:

  • Easier menu navigation
  • Improved flexibility¬†of all red interval timing
  • User-editable passcodes
  • Simplified hardware design
  • Support for control panels in any orientation
  • Multiple/remote control panel support
  • Simplified internal structure and enhanced software expandibility

Additional features have also been added in further updates (the links below are always the latest version):

  • Crosswalk support
    • Crosswalks on any approach
    • Leading pedestrian interval support
    • Pedestrian queuing
  • Permissive left turn signalling
  • Menu inactivity timeout
  • Event logging
  • Many phase lock modes

This release also maintains many of the same great features of TrafficNeXt 1.1d, including:

  • Fully editable timings
  • Remote monitoring
  • Confusion resistance
  • Passcode protection for menus

As always, this is free software, allowed to be redistributed under the terms at the top of the program and bottom of the manual.



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