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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-18Add translation supportLouis Royer
2019-09-23add signs_lib placement rulesVanessa Dannenberg
2018-10-30use basic_materials mod where possibleVanessa Dannenberg
2018-09-15Tubes now update their connections when rotated with the screwdriver.12Me21
2017-06-08Change scope of local variable 'nodecolor': (#185)Jordan Irwin
2017-04-07allow repairing a broken tubeVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-04-05let tubes break if they're "over-pressure"Novatux
2017-04-04Namespace pollution cleanup (Used list at #154)ForbiddenJ
2017-01-25Use node texture colorizationVanessa Ezekowitz
2015-02-07make all tubes call the routing functionsVanessa Ezekowitz
2015-02-04fix typo in texturenameTim
2015-02-03Add the High Priority tube segment that can be used as replacement of sorting...Tim
2015-01-31remove field for 01-2012 facedir legacy support for the one-way tube, which w...Tim
2015-01-31switch to the minetest-conventional def-table style of registering tubes to c...Tim
2015-01-31reduce texturename repetition via __indexTim
2015-01-29fix crafts to only register when their respective tubes are enabledTim
2015-01-29use the default tube textures as fallback for any missing textures during tub...Tim
2015-01-29split the big tubes file up into functional modules independend from the tube...Tim