path: root/pipes.lua
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-18Add translation supportLouis Royer
2019-09-23add signs_lib placement rulesVanessa Dannenberg
2019-09-23use default metal sounds on all pipes and pipe devicesVanessa Dannenberg
2017-11-11remove regular pipe inventory imageVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-11-03added straight-only pipeVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-10-26add low-poly modeVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-10-20refactor pressure logic toggle to act as option enumthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-03move new flow logic flag to dedicated toggles tablethetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01move flowable registration for flow sensor to devices.lua near node definitionthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01move flowable registration for airtight entry panel to devices.lua near node ...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01migrate flowable registration for valve nodes to devices.luathetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01move pump flow logic registration to devices.luathetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01move pipe node registration for new flow logic closer to their definition in ...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-09-27pipes.lua: split out new flow logic registration and make it respect feature ...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-09-27pipes.lua: wire up pump intake ABM and add pumps to balancing logicthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-09-27pipes.lua: place old ABM code registration behind if-guard for new flagthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-09-27initial stub patches to re-implement new_flow_logicthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-03-17prevent being able to place "loaded" and "on" itemsVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-03-17add screwdriver rotation handling on most pipes-related nodesVanessa Ezekowitz
2015-01-15Use mesh nodes for all nodebox-based pipe-related nodesVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-01-01fix pipes not becoming empty when pump is turned offVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-01-01fix wield image of pipesVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-01-01fix tube and pipe dropsVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-01-01fix pipe inventory imagesVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-01-01always check for CONTENT_IGNORE around a pipe/tube before converting itVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-01-01Fix conversionNovatux
2014-01-01Use 6d for pipes tooNovatux
2013-12-15local-ize yet a few more variablesVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize a few more variables, move all of the nodebox modelsVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize pretty muchg everything that was previously global except whereVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-10-27Add fountainhead (vertical spigot, basically).Vanessa Ezekowitz
2013-07-13added ability to disable most components via config file in world folderVanessa Ezekowitz