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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-18Add translation supportLouis Royer
2019-09-23add signs_lib placement rulesVanessa Dannenberg
2019-09-23use default metal sounds on all pipes and pipe devicesVanessa Dannenberg
2018-09-08remove value/sensor conversion LBMVanessa Dannenberg
2017-11-03added straight-only pipeVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-10-26add low-poly modeVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-10-19devices.lua: convert spigot to single-ended horizontally rotating flowablethetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-19pressure logic: rewrite callbacks for horizontal rotation flowables to suppor...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-19devices.lua: convert entry panel and valve to horizontal rotation flowable classthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-19devices.lua: make flow sensor use the horizontally rotating flowable classthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-18devices.lua: make fountainheads directional using fixed vertical helperthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-18pressure logic/flowable node registry: move pump directionality code to dedic...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-17devices.lua: implement directionfn for pump registrationthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-16devices.lua: convert pump to use new directional flow classthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-08new flow logic: implement post-transition hook with mesecons support, add mes...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-08devices.lua: adjust flow sensor threshold to more closely model classic modethetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-08new flow logic: change simple transition set logic to take list of key-value ...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-08new flow logic: algorithmic and value tuning for non-finite modethetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-07devices.lua: raise maximum pressure for pumpsthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-07new flow logic: flowable_node_registry_install.lua: separate pressure thresho...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-07devices.lua: factor out usage of flowlogic helper into dedicated registry fun...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01new flow logic: abms.lua: rename neighbour output helper to better indicate l...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01devices.lua: make fountains functional under new flow logic using new neighbo...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01new flow logic: abms.lua: generalise spigot output code to support arbitary n...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01move flowable registration for flow sensor to devices.lua near node definitionthetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01move flowable registration for airtight entry panel to devices.lua near node ...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01move spigot behaviour registration to devices.luathetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01migrate flowable registration for valve nodes to devices.luathetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01move pump flow logic registration to devices.luathetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-10-01devices.lua: create local variables for device node names in preparation for ...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-09-27devices.lua: replace calls to add_node() with swap_node() to preserve node me...thetaepsilon-gamedev
2017-04-12allow external devices to connect to pipesVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-03-17prevent being able to place "loaded" and "on" itemsVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-03-17add turn-to-vertical handling to valve, flow sensorVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-03-17add screwdriver rotation handling on most pipes-related nodesVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-03-17make valve and pump turn on/off via on_rightclickVanessa Ezekowitz
2016-04-14Squelch a warning if no mesecons.Auke Kok
2015-03-23drop direct support for dedicated protection modsVanessa Ezekowitz
2015-03-12add missing alias for entry panelVanessa Ezekowitz
2015-01-16use animated water for pouring spigotVanessa Ezekowitz
2015-01-15Use mesh nodes for all nodebox-based pipe-related nodesVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-11-22update to use current mesecons APIVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-07-02Fix drops for storage tanksZefram
2013-12-21fix a missed function name (due to being renamed)Vanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-21local-ize a couple more variablesVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-21mesecons_rules must be global. made so, confined to pipeworks.{} table.Vanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15fix incorrect variable nameVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize a few more variables, move all of the nodebox modelsVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize pretty muchg everything that was previously global except whereVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-11-28Phased out old register_on_punchnode() calls in favor of per-node on_punchVanessa Ezekowitz