AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-30Add compatibility with digistuff's channel copierHEADmastercheapie
2020-04-27Add true-color versioncheapie
2020-04-16Fix dropscheapie
2020-04-16Make them emit light againcheapie
2019-06-15Fix texture warnings from embedded color spacescheapie
2018-11-22Allow conduction of digilines signalscheapie
2017-02-04Add protection support (#3)cheapie
2017-02-04Fix typo in recipe (#2)cheapie
2017-01-23Don't log *everything*cheapie
2017-01-23Remove LBMcheapie
2017-01-23Convert to use param2 coloringcheapie
2017-01-15Shrink node and create entity on placementcheapie
2016-06-10Fix rare crash when unknown entities are within the lightstonecheapie
2016-05-31More tweakingcheapie
2016-05-31Convert to entity-based system and use colors in chat messagescheapie
2016-05-19Fix color countcheapie
2016-05-19Fix color countcheapie
2016-05-19Add 64-color modecheapie
2015-12-29Update docscheapie
2015-12-29Use colorization and add more colorscheapie
2015-12-15Add auto-fill functioncheapie
2015-12-11Don't crash the server on a wrong message typecheapie
2015-12-07Add group addressingcheapie
2015-12-02Finish READMEcheapie
2015-12-01Added content, so it, you know, does something...cheapie