path: root/autoplace_tubes.lua
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-30Consider connect_sides for item transportAlexander Ried
2018-11-27fix metadata loss on rotateThomas Rudin
2018-09-15Tubes now update their connections when rotated with the screwdriver.12Me21
2017-04-04Namespace pollution cleanup (Used list at #154)ForbiddenJ
2015-02-07make all tubes call the routing functionsVanessa Ezekowitz
2015-02-07remove obsolete calls to register_on_placenode/dignodeVanessa Ezekowitz
2015-01-29chmod -x *.luaTim
2014-11-22update to use current mesecons APIVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-08-14Major rewrite of items in tubesNovatux
2014-02-08check for malformed table in scan_for_tube_objects()Vanessa Ezekowitz
2014-01-05fix nil reference crash in tube autorouter when unknown nodes are nearbyVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-01-03Support for the mesecons mvps callbackNovatux
2013-12-31Add 6d tubes, cleanup code a bitNovatux
2013-12-24Fix glitch in tube autorouterVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-21A few more fixes (spamming the commit log again...)Novatux
2013-12-15local-ize a few more variables and functionsVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize a few more functionsVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize a few more variables, move all of the nodebox modelsVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize pretty muchg everything that was previously global except whereVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-10More sanity checks on the nodeside() function, courtesy ShadowNinjaVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-10Better way to catch that incoming nil, return a real value on the way outVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-10Revert "catch nil return from facedir_to_dir() in tube autoplace code"Vanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-10catch nil return from facedir_to_dir() in tube autoplace codeVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-11-26limit tube autoconnect checking to only run if tube.connect_sidesVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-11-26Make the tube_connects={} method work properly for technic devices.Vanessa Ezekowitz
2013-11-25get rid of some extraneous print statementsVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-11-25Split pipe and tube autorouting functions into separate files.Vanessa Ezekowitz