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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-05Remove unused loop variables, trailing whitespace and fix mixed-whitespace in...HybridDog
2021-02-03Remove or comment unused code and declare some variables localHybridDog
2020-07-23Add "get_recipe" digiline command for querying the current autocrafter recipe.Fedja Beader
2020-02-18Add translation supportLouis Royer
2018-11-15fix autocrafter recipeh-v-smacker
2018-10-30use basic_materials mod where possibleVanessa Dannenberg
2017-04-12fix scale on autocrafter's on/off switchVanessa Ezekowitz
2017-03-28Tweak listring behavior of autocrafterCarter Kolwey
2017-02-26Add digilines support to autocrafterCarter Kolwey
2016-08-29add list rings to pipework inventoriesTim
2016-04-01Don't use item_drop(, nil,)Auke Kok
2015-11-18fix 2 other minetest.item_dropsHybridDog
2015-03-11add ownership/protection handling for device configurationTim
2015-02-02revert accidental revert (810ae99 -- autocrafter.lua) of f79956cTim
2015-01-31reduce texturename repetition via __indexTim
2015-01-30improve handling of shapeless recipes in the autocrafter recipe filling functionTim
2015-01-29move autocrafter, tp-tube and filter-injector crafts to their respective code...Tim
2015-01-29add sanity check for upgrade cases of autocrafters with broken metadata (espe...Tim
2015-01-29improve autocrafter infotext handlingTim
2015-01-28use on_destruct instead of after_dig_node to clean up the cache entry to avoi...Tim
2015-01-28call after_recipe_change also when moving the output item to src or dst to st...Tim
2015-01-28don't add unknown or groupnamed items to the crafting grid when setting it vi...Tim
2015-01-28make sure the autocrafter runs after an upgradeTim
2015-01-28improve upgrade of autocrafter from both former versionsTim
2015-01-28allow virtual item moving from output to the recipe gridTim
2015-01-28simplify autocrafter code a bitTim
2015-01-28add an output field, that is being filled with the crafting result and can be...Tim
2015-01-28use the default background colors and hotbar image for the autocrafter formspecTim
2015-01-28allow moving virtual items within the crafting gridTim
2015-01-28abstract adding of virtual itemsTim
2015-01-28on_ -> after_ to be consistent with minetest api usage of these prefixesTim
2015-01-28add an enable/disable button to the autocrafterTim
2015-01-27let the infotext show what we are crafting, or if we craft at allTim
2015-01-27let the autocrafter catch up on missed craftsTim
2015-01-27use nodetimers instead of abm's to run the autocrafters; only run autocrafter...Tim
2015-01-27split autocraft into a run function and a function autocrafting a singe stepTim
2015-01-27also cache the recipe consumption to get rid of an additional loop per craftTim
2015-01-27remove unnecessary looping and testing, since we only check and update the ca...Tim
2015-01-27reduce stacksizes and wear of virtual items on update instead of leaving the ...Tim
2015-01-27rename variables to reflect the official api and making the code more clearTim
2015-01-27reduce table lookups and hash_node_position calculationsTim
2015-01-10sanity checking, stop crash in case of garbage inventory dataVanessa Ezekowitz
2014-11-02Make items in autocrafters virtual as wellNovatux
2013-12-21A few more fixes (spamming the commit log again...)Novatux
2013-12-21fix small typos (False -> false)Vanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize one last varVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-12-15local-ize pretty muchg everything that was previously global except whereVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-11-25get rid of some extraneous print statementsVanessa Ezekowitz
2013-10-30Fix autocrafter not taking enough items if number of needed items of a kind >...Novatux
2013-10-04fix incorrect usage of after_place_nodeVanessa Ezekowitz