AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-26Don't crash if a command is run by a player that's not actually onlineHEADmastercheapie
2019-05-25Allow extra privs to be granted along with interactcheapie
2016-06-10Add triggers on "help" and "rules"cheapie
2016-06-03Scrollable text widget, and various related changes (#1)cheapie
2016-05-31Fall back to non-colored text if an old server version is in usecheapie
2016-05-31Use colored textcheapie
2016-05-29Add support for multiple keywordscheapie
2016-05-18Hide the keyword for players that have interact but not server, and don't reo...cheapie
2016-05-17Change rules file locationcheapie
2016-05-17More escape sequence funcheapie
2016-05-17Fix more messed-up escape sequencescheapie
2016-05-17Fix an extra escaped coloncheapie
2016-05-17Make the readme even more betterercheapie
2016-05-17Add keyword, editor, and @KEYWORD substitutioncheapie
2016-05-17Fix licensecheapie
2016-05-17Enhance README and add LICENSEcheapie
2016-05-17Add existing contentcheapie