AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-05Add "sendpacked" and "loadpacked" commands to GPUHEADmastercheapie
2021-02-26Add "drawline" command to GPUcheapie
2021-02-21Change control panel text color to blackcheapie
2021-02-21Add advanced touchscreencheapie
2021-02-21Convert game controller to use entity attachment instead of a physics overridecheapie
2021-02-21Add "sendregion" command to GPUcheapie
2021-02-21Allow stacking of blank EEPROMscheapie
2021-02-21Add craft recipe for movestonecheapie
2021-02-21Add alternate piezo recipecheapie
2021-02-21Split documentation from README out into separate filescheapie
2021-02-21Convert depends.txt to mod.confcheapie
2021-02-21Add textures for movestonecheapie
2021-02-21Fix movestones not working in protected areascheapie
2021-02-09Make newly-placed pistons remember their owner and obey protectioncheapie
2021-02-05Actually fix it this timecheapie
2021-02-05Fix string commands on pistons being silentcheapie
2021-02-05Make piston sounds configurablecheapie
2021-02-05Add digilines movestonecheapie
2021-02-05Add documentation for pistoncheapie
2021-02-02Improve EEPROM drop handlingcheapie
2021-01-29Add heatsink (decorative only)cheapie
2021-01-29Rename "tohsv" and "torgb" operations to allow for possible future color spac...cheapie
2021-01-29Fix bounds checking in load commandcheapie
2021-01-26Fix bug that was forcing copies to be squarecheapie
2021-01-26Add RAM, EEPROM, and GPUcheapie
2020-05-03Remove unnecessary debugging printcheapie
2020-05-02Add digilines game controllercheapie
2020-04-30Add channel copiercheapie
2020-04-28Miscellaneous touchscreen and noteblock workcheapie
2020-04-15Downgrade no-HTTP message to warningcheapie
2020-04-15Fix global leakagecheapie
2020-03-30Fix unescaped stringscheapie
2020-03-28Fix crash when clicking air with a cardcheapie
2020-03-28Fix crash when writing a card with no descriptioncheapie
2020-03-28Add magnetic card reader/writer and cards to go with itcheapie
2019-12-15Fix crash on certain invalid touchscreen inputscheapie
2019-09-13Add I/O expandercheapie
2019-07-06crafting recipesflux
2019-06-15Various additionscheapie
2019-06-04swap punch and right-click actionsVanessa Dannenberg
2019-06-02Finish the wall knobcheapie
2019-06-02Improve some selection boxescheapie
2019-06-02Remove collision from most conductorscheapie
2019-06-02Add some extra button rulescheapie
2019-06-02Add wall knob (with placeholder textures and nodebox for now, but fully funct...cheapie
2019-06-01Add timercheapie
2019-05-27Add receivers, insulated digilines, and vertical digilinescheapie
2019-05-24Add textlist command to touchscreenGreenDimond
2018-11-29Allow pistons to conduct digilines signalscheapie
2018-11-25Fix HTTP API detectioncheapie