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The default menu page.

The menu is the system through which various configuration and diagnostic options can be selected. It can be navigated using the buttons on the control panel.


  • At any time, the left and right buttons will go to the next or previous item in the menu.
  • If the selected item has a changeable value, the up and down buttons will change the value.
  • If the selected item has an action associated with it, the enter button will execute the action.

Available Options (not logged in)

  • Status - Shows the controller software version and whether a user is logged in.
  • "Enter Passcode to Log In" - Entering the correct passcode and pressing enter will log you into the controller.
  • "Overview" - Provides basic information about the status of the controller.
  • "Straight" - Shows the status of the straight-through lights (channels a, b, c, and d).
  • "Left Turn" - Shows the status of the left-turn lights (channels at, bt, ct, and dt).
  • "Pedestrian" - Shows the status of the pedestrian signals (channels ap, bp, cp, and dp).
  • "Beacon" - Shows the status of the advance warning beacons (channels ab, bb, cb, and db).
  • "Queues" - Shows the status of the pedestrian queue system as well as whether there is a parameter update pending.
  • "Manual Cycle" - Allows for a cycle to be manually started if the controller is idle.
  • "About" - Shows information about the controller software.

Available Options (logged in)

All of the previous options are still present, however the log in option is replaced with a log out option. In addition, the following options are available:

  • "Hardware Setup Menu" - Enters the hardware setup submenu.
  • "Times and Durations Menu" - Enters the times and durations submenu.
  • "Options Menu" - Enters the options submenu.
  • "Phase Lock Menu" - Enters the phase lock submenu.
  • "System Setup Menu" - Enters the system setup submenu.
  • "Save Changes" - Saves all setting changes, and queues them to be applied.