cheapie's Optical Drive Firmware and Tools Collection
or "that 'codegirl' site" for short

This directory contains firmware for optical drives, tools for working with it, EEPROM dumps, and so on.
These files can and will brick your drive if you're not careful.
Please do suitable research before flashing any firmware to your drive or using these tools, and keep in mind that this will most likely void any warranty on the drive.
I am also not responsible for any damage that you cause with these files.

Please note that the files can sometimes be moved around when I re-organize things.
Linking directly to files is probably OK for short-term uses like IRC, but for longer-term uses such as forum posts, please link to this page.

Not Vendor-Specific

MTKFlash 1.83c
DOSFlash16 2 <- Recommended for most Mediatek-based drives
OmniPatcher 2.4.2
JungleFlasher 0.1.95 Beta 321

PLDS (Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions)

Browse or Download All Stock Firmware
Blackened2687's Model Table
My Model Table
Flash Utility 7.2.0
EEPROM Utility 6.2.0 SE
XFlash Utility
LtnFlash 2.6.11

JLMS (JVC and Lite-On Manufacturing and Sales)

Stock Firmware
Rpcde (RPC1 tool)

HL-DT-ST (Hitachi-LG Data Storage)

Stock Firmware
devilsclaw's Flasher (for Renesas drives)

TSSTcorp (Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology)

Stock Firmware


Stock Firmware
WinDWFlash 1.03
BQFlasher (requires wnaspi32.dll)

Unknown/Other Manufacturer

Stock Firmware

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